sBEF short course material

Biodiversity & Ecosystem functioning under anthropogenic stressors

Day 1: The basics of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) and anthropogenic stressors

  1. The history of BEF research, motivations, questions, conflicts
  2. Background of stressor impacts on biodiversity
  3. Systematic review design
  4. Develop questions and keywords.

Day 2: BEF analyses and meta-analyses

  1. Measuring biodiversity
  2. Analyzing BEF experiments: measuring selection and complementarity
  3. NULL
  4. Further develop questions and review strategies

Day 3: Data synthesis

  1. Synthesizing stressors: Reviews and meta-analyses
  2. BEF experiments: design and outcomes; How do different biodiversity measures compare?
  3. Synthesizing BEF: Reviews and meta-analyses
  4. Refine search strings, collect evidence

Day 4: How stressors impact BEF

  1. Stressor impacts on BEF relationships: theory and evidence
  2. Building conceptual models/frameworks for stressor effects on BEF
  3. Present conceptual models/frameworks
  4. Refine search strings, collect evidence

Extra: multifunctionality and ecosystem services from 2.2

Day 5 (optional): Groups wanting to push forward with review meta-analysis will meet to carry out tasks and develop plan.

Here are course materials:

Synthesis subgroup items